"But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

In the past I have found myself worrying about how we were going to pay our bills and how we were going to build our future. We always seemed to be in lack when we were younger and I couldn’t get out of the rut of worrying about everything. I found that my time and energy was used up daily in worrying instead of resting in my understanding of this verse. Jesus is always wanting to take us to a level of doing things his way, because it is the best way. Instead of worrying about finances and all of the practical needs that we face daily, He gives us the key in this verse on how to live in a place of blessing.

He asks the question in the verses prior to verse 33, "why do you worry about…” what he is saying here is that if he has the ability to clothe the flowers in a field and provide for the smallest bird in the air how much more will he look after his children. But it comes with a condition as most of Gods promises do.He says instead of worrying, SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM.  

What does that mean? He is saying seek me first and by seeking me you will discover my way of doing things (the right way according to Gods Kingdom) which is often opposite to our natural thinking, therefore, on this first day of the fast let’s decide to seek first His kingdom and his righteousness and before long you will begin to see all these things that we worry about be given to us as we put God first and we apply His truths to our lives in everyday practical ways and you will see a turnaround in your life over time as we consistently seek first His Kingdom.


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