PSALMS 138:8
"You keep every promise You've ever made to me. Since your love for me is constant and endless, I ask you, Lord to FINISH every GOOD thing that you have BEGUN in me." 


One of my favorite books of the bible to live in on a day to day basis is the Psalms. Maybe it is the rawness of King David's prayers or that He is my favorite songwriter in all the land. I have learned so much from these songs he left us. I have prayed into so many of them and love to sing them out. This Psalm is titled THE DIVINE PRESENCE. 

Something happens to us when we get into Gods DIVINE presence. Our perspective changes and generally we begin to see things in a greater light and with revelation power. Don't forget to take time today to really set apart sometime with Him. 

I know many of us are waiting on divine promises to be fulfilled. Those prayers and promises are very dear to our hearts and guess what? They are dear to His heart because He created them and I want to encourage you that He keeps every promise ever made. But during this time of fasting and praying my greatest prayer and hope is that we take time to simply fall in love with the promise maker more then the fulfillment of those promises. As David speaks of His love that is constant and endless that we will go after that and en­counter Him in new way's which will end up being a far greater reward then any promise fulfilled. 

It is in that place that we are reminded that it is God that is at work to finish every good thing that He has begun in us. I love that He never intended His children to be striving for things or doing, but simply believing Him and Being with Him. Take a deep breath with me and start this day with your heart in a posture of trust. Ask that His love revives Your spirit today. Ask Holy Spirit if there are any lies you are believing and come out of agreement with those and into the truth of what His word say's. I end with this thought: as much as you are delighting in the Lord during this fast: You are HIS greatest DELIGHT 


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