Valet Parking

Is available for $20 commencing at 6:00pm. The drop-off and pick-up areas are located on 6th Avenue by the marquee entrance to TPAC near the corner of Deaderick Street. 

Due to size restrictions in our parking garage, Eagle Parking Valet may refuse valet service to vehicles that will not fit in the parking garage spaces.


Available from 6:00PM to 1:00AM in the state lots behind the Supreme Court Building (off charlotte ave, between 7th and 8th aves.)


Wheelchair accessible drop off for Andrew Jackson Hall is at the corner of Union Street and 6th Ave

suggested parking garage access point


suggested parking within walking distance of TPAC:

Nashville City Center 6th Avenue Garage – 511 Union Street, Garage entrance on 6th avenue
Sheraton Downtown Nashville – 623 Union Street
Public Square Garage – 350 Deaderick Street
Wells Fargo Garage – 230 N 4th Ave
Court Square Lot – 3rd Avenue and 301 James Robertson Parkway
Parkway Towers Garage – 404 James Robertson Parkway
Metro Justice Center Garage between 2nd Avenue and Gay Street
Capitol Park Inn* – Charlotte Avenue between 5th and 4th Avenues, South
Court Lot – James Robertson Parkway and Charlotte Avenue
St. Mary’s Lot* – Deaderick Street and 5th Avenue
Metro Courthouse Lot – Union Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues, South (Free on evenings and weekends)
NCB Garage – 3rd Avenue and Union Street
Nashville City Center Parking – Union Street between 5th and 6th Avenue (Closed on Sundays)
Printers Alley Garage – 314 Church Street
Briley Lot – 3rd Avenue and Printer’s Alley
Whitefront Lot – 2nd Avenue and Church Street
Standard Parking Noel Place – Church Street at Printer's Alley
Third Lot* – North of Church Street
2nd and Church Lot
Kirshner Lot – 3rd Avenue and Church Street
Third Lot – North of Church Street
Standard Parking – 144 5th Avenue
SunTrust Garage – Under the SunTrust building on 4th Avenue
Standard Parking – 158 4th Avenue North
Cohen Lot – 3rd Avenue and Church Street
SunTrust Garage – 147 4th Avenue
Commerce Garage B – Commerce Street and 2nd Avenue
139 7th Street Lot
Super X Lot – 211 6th Avenue North
Harvey’s Lot – 6th Avenue and Church Street
Tulane Lot – On Church Street between 8th Avenue and Polk Avenue
Paramount Lot – 8th Avenue and Church Street
7th and Church Lot
139 7th Street Lot
7th Avenue Garage – 145 7th Avenue
Commerce Lot – Corner of 8th Avenue and Commerce Street
Chambers Garage – Commerce Street and 7th Avenue (Monthly Permits ONLY)
Church Street Center Garage – 310 Commerce Street
L & C Garage – 144-148 Fifth Ave North
McKendree Garage – 140 6th Avenue North
5th Avenue West Lot* – 5th Avenue and Commerce Street
5th Avenue East Lot* – 5th Avenue and Commerce Street
128 8th Avenue Lot
Tennessee Lot – 7th Avenue and Commerce Street
Keenan Lot – 7th and Broadway
Opry Place Parking Lot – 5th Avenue and Opry Place
Gruhn Guitar Lot – 400 Broadway