MATT 5:6 [NIV] "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

What is righteousness? Why should we hunger and thirst for it? In simple terms, righteousness is an attitude in our heart that wants to do what is right to honor God. Righteousness is living in a loving relationship with the Father that causes our heart to want to please Him. If the posture of our heart is to please God, then we will seek after what He loves and in turn will do what He does. There is such blessing that comes from having an attitude that WANTS to do the right thing, rather than following a list of rules simply out of obligation. As we set out to pray and meditate on this scripture today, rather than focus on all the things you feel you have to do, focus on how good our Father is. As you do, you will begin to discover what He loves, which in turn will stir a hunger to do what is right as you learn what really pleases Him.