The Lord God has given Me the tongue of those who follow Him, that I may know how to give strength when I speak to one who is tired. He wakes Me up morning by morning. He wakes up My ear to listen as a follower. Isaiah 50:4

I love this scripture because it gives a glimpse of how we can live our lives everyday! He gives us the “ tongue" of those who follow him. As we become tuned in to Him he gives us words of wisdom! In another version of the word it promises us a "well instructed tongue- the tongue of a disciple." As our hearts become tethered to Him, we begin to speak like Jesus! Our thoughts become His thoughts. I love how the Holy Spirit drops thoughts and impressions into our spirit; we become richer in the things of Him, but also we begin to serve the body of Christ better! We start to give strength and encouragement to the “one who is tired." Our Holy Spirit inspired words help others stay the course, help them to not to give up and to keep looking at Jesus when life seems confusing or discouraging. 

"He wakes me up morning by morning!" Thank God our relationship with Him is fresh every day! He has something new to say to us. He has new mercies, new things to reveal to us, even new instructions! 

"He wakes up our ears to His voice!" One of the many benefits of fasting is that our spiritual ears become tuned in to what the  Holy Spirit is saying. Our spiritual senses are sharpened. Have you ever felt those situations where you knew exactly what to say to someone needing encouragement? Or ever felt like Holy Spirit dropped in your heart the exact thing that you needed to do in a situation. Did he give you divine strategy? Well that’s how we need to live everyday! That’s how we CAN live everyday!

Don’t you just love Jesus! Keep drawing closer to Him as you continue to fast xx

Joy Starling // Connect Groups Pastor

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