“I only have the sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the valley of Elah,” the priest replied. “It is wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod. Take that if you want it, for there is nothing else here.” “There is nothing like it!” David replied. “Give it to me!” - 1 Samuel 21:9 NLT

After David had slain Goliath, he took the giant’s sword and cut his foe’s head off. It was an incredible victory, not only for David but also for all of Israel.

Years later, to no fault of his own, David was on the run from madman King Saul. He was in danger and weaponless. He asks a priest for a weapon and is given back Goliath’s sword – the same sword he had used to cut the giant’s head off when he was younger!

I believe God orchestrated Goliath’s sword to be with the priest to remind David of his past victory and that there are more victories ahead. David was quick to take the sword, saying, “There is nothing like it!” “Give it to me!” 

God’s pattern is to move us from victory to victory but in between each victory there are often seasons where it can feel like God is no longer fighting for us and we can easily forget the way He has delivered us in the past.

I encourage you today to take some time to remember what God has done in the past in order to fuel you for what battles you may face in the future. God can be trusted! He is in the battle! He is faithful to deliver you! Take hold of His faithfulness today!

Be encouraged. 

Charles Starling