November 18 //  7pm -10pm
Clementine Hall
4710 Charlotte Ave,
Nashville TN, 37209

November 18 //  7pm -10pm
Clementine Hall

4710 Charlotte Ave,
Nashville TN, 37209



The vision we are presenting is big because what God has called us to is big. We have broken it into three categories, each with two main initiatives.


accessible, Spirit-filled places for people to gather for worship.

Initiative: Retiring the Debt of Our Building

Our first gathering was a group of five people desperate for the presence of God. Now, we have thousands gathering across our weekly services.

For the first six years, we were a “pack and go” church, setting up every Tuesday and Sunday until a miracle occured:

God provided a building to call our own.

We are believing God to help us retire the debt on our building so we can be better poised to step into the ministry efforts we feel Him calling us into.

Intiative: Planning for Future Locations

Research from the Baylor Religion Survey found that today, the majority of churchgoers who attend church regularly live within 15 minutes or less of their place of worship.

There is a burden in our hearts to remove any and all obstacles for people to worship God together, to hear Bible-based preaching, to find community, and to be discipled.

We will go where God says to go, and we will bring with us the Good News of Jesus Christ.


and raise a new generation of leaders and Christ followers.

Initiative: Grow The Belonging Co College

n 2020 God directed us to be a house that produces leaders in marketplaces and in sacred spaces that would bring reformation and influence.

By the grace of God, we were able to launch The Belonging Co College, offering students an accredited, Christ-centered educational experience with the ministry training and influence of The Belonging Co.

With God’s help, we desire to grow our college and step into K-12 education, raising up the next generation of children to be champions for the Kingdom of God.

Initiative: Reaching More At-Risk Teens

Many teens in our immediate area are growing up in environments that not only fail to set them up for success but actively restrain them from achieving it.

Momentum is an after-school program founded by Youth Co that seeks to give inner-city 7th-12th grade students early momentum in life in a Jesus-filled environment.

By investing in Momentum we will see the next generation in our Nashville neighborhood find early momentum to move into their God-given potential.


the city of Nashville and far-reaching areas of our world.

Initiative: Cleaning the Waters of Nashville and Beyond

As a church, we have decided to sow into organizations that serve others and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus.

In doing so we are reaching our city, our nation, and our world.

We aim to increase our capacity to give to organizations beyond what we could imagine.

We have already given over $800,000 as a church so far this year, and with your help we can meet our goal of giving 1 million dollars in 2022.

Initiative: Bringing the Gospel to Those In Prison

We’ve been given a chance to partner with correctional facilities in Tennessee, bringing what we do on a Sunday morning at our building to those in prison.

We’ve seen time and time again how the presence of God is experienced in a prison service as inmates surrender their lives to Jesus.

With God’s help and your generosity, we could purchase the necessary equipment to host a weekly service in a local prison and juvenile detention center, establishing consistent relationships with the staff and inmates.

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We would like to thank our sponsors who have graciously supported Night of Generosity.

Make your impact

Will you join us in fulfilling the vision God has given us to build, to teach, and to reach?