Night School.


As disciples of Jesus, we are called to live a life fully submitted to Him in every area of our lives. We are excited to offer Night School classes that not only dive info scripture but teach biblical principles in the areas of finance, marriage and parenting, health and wellness, and more.

Classes start September 26th and run every Monday evening until October 31st.

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September 26th – October 31st

Mondays at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

In Person Only
The Belonging Co
201 Great Circle Road
Nashville, TN 37228


Each class will be limited to 60 people per class.

Childcare will be provided for potty trained children 3 & up.
$5 per child/week at a maximum of $10 per family/week. All 6 weeks will be paid upfront at the time of registration.
Space is limited.

Classes Offered.

Cultivating a Life-Giving Marriage

Dr. Josh + Christi Straub

Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy Marriage: Jesus said, “In this world, you will have trouble…” Wouldn’t it be a cunning and strategic tactic of the enemy that, in your trouble, he’d come after the one relationship that reflects the Trinity in your life–your covenant relationship with your spouse? In the end of this beautiful verse in John 16, Jesus says, “But take heart, I have overcome the world.” In this class, we’re going to uncover the practical and life-giving ways we can “take heart,” prioritizing Jesus as the center of our home, naming the real opponents coming into our relationship, and developing emotionally and spiritually healthy disciplines to prioritize our spouse’s heart.

Onward – Exploring Healing and Reconciliation in Times of Inequality and Injustice

Janice Gaines

Last year, in response to racial inequality and injustice, we joined together to provide a space of honesty and healing for those of who are Black, Indigenous, and POC, and those who have experienced distress from the trauma of injustice in our community. We had such a beautiful moment of encounter with the presence of God where we brought our hurt to the feet of Jesus and allowed Him to speak directly to us.

Onward is a continuation of that conversation and that healing. This is an invitation for those of you who might identify along the lines of the following statements:

  • If you’ve felt overwhelmed by racial inequality and injustice
  • If you’ve experienced anxiety based on witnessing and/or experiencing injustice and inequality on the news or social media or in your life
  • If you’ve experienced a gradually heightened grief or fear from learning of new instances of racial inequality and injustice

Join us as we learn the tools to process our emotions and how our faith in Jesus provides a context for our experiences.

your kingdom come

Jim Zilinsky

Jesus taught extensively about the Kingdom which is mentioned more than 50 times in the book of Matthew alone, but what does it mean practically when Jesus said your Kingdom come your will be done? 

In this study, we will define what the Kingdom is, the authority we have by being in the Kingdom and how to bring it into our everyday life. Having a deeper understanding of these principles will not only bring personal transformation but also give a better understanding of the practical opportunities we have each day to bring heaven to earth! 


Wes Pickering

In this class we will be studying in-depth what the Bible teaches about physical healing. Healing was a major part of Jesus’ ministry, and we will examine how Jesus ministered to the sick and learn how to effectively and Biblically minister to the sick ourselves.

The Gospel of Mark

Paul Bergin

Come and study Mark’s Gospel and explore the beauty in the hiddenness and the persuasiveness of love and power found in Jesus Christ. Take a deep dive into 16 amazing chapters and many themes that discover the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God, the restoration of worship, the Messianic secret and Jesus as Son of God. In times of trials, this gospel will renew your faith and stir your passion to be a disciple of Jesus.

Health + Wellness

Drs. Michael + Cassie Major

Lose weight. Be healthy. What might start as resolutions often end as good intentions at best as we search for a way to really steward our bodies. Health + Wellness is a holistic look at the body and its composition. In this class, Doctors Michael and Cassie Majors will instruct you by taking a targeted look at nutrition, exercise, acidity, mental health, and the nervous system to see how each one plays an irreplaceable part in the body’s ability to function according to its original design. You’ll be able to take actionable steps towards physical wholeness and wellbeing.

Registration is Now Open

*Space is limited


We desire encounter over entertainment, intimacy over industry, presence over presentation, people over position, and Jesus over everything.





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