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A pre-conference experience for leaders and staff.


As an extension of The Belonging Co Conference, we offer an intimate leadership session with The Belonging Co lead pastors, Henry and Alex Seeley.

The Belonging Co has always had a heart for equipping and empowering the Church and Leadership Co is an exciting opportunity for us to pour back into leaders from both the marketplace and local churches of every size, denomination, and background. Whether you are a business leader, lead pastor, youth pastor, worship leader, creative director, Kids Pastor, or simply want to be more equipped to carry the gospel into your workplace, we want to take time to impart into you, answer questions, share some of the things we have learned, and pray for you.

When you purchase a Leadership Co ticket you get access to the main conference, plus a day of leadership training and impartation from Henry, Alex and a few of our pastors. It is a beautiful day of teaching, training, asking questions and learning from our team. If you are in ministry or hold a leadership role in your sphere, we would love to invite you to be a part of this day.

Tracks for every team member

At Leadership Co we offer focus tracks that you can choose from depending on the area of leadership you are a part of.

Through these specific tracks you’ll be given “behind the scenes” access to learn directly from our team.

Click below to learn more about each individual track.

At the Belonging Co, we have a passion for making disciples that make disciples. As pastors, we work week in and week out to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” Because we believe that God has a unique calling and purpose for every disciple, not just the paid church staff, we fervently desire to see the people of God grow into maturity and unity, taking up the Great Commission as their own central call and purpose. It’s why you’ll hear us say at the end of almost every service, “Service is over, but church is not! Go and be the Church.”

Stewarding the move of God is a high calling. God calls pastors to shepherd His people, growing the Church into a unified body, bold ambassadors of the Kingdom, and a radiant and spotless bride! Here at the Belonging Co, it is our honor and joy to come alongside other pastors and leaders to equip and encourage you as you shepherd God’s people in your ministry.

Are you hungry to see the Holy Spirit move in your ministry or workplace? Do you want to see the people grow into their own God-given spiritual gifts? Do you feel like things at your church have gotten stuck or plateaued? Could you or your team members use refreshment, encouragement, recharging, or refocusing? Are you ready for the MORE that God always has available for you as a leader? We would be honored to host you and your team this year in the Leadership track of Leadership Co at this year’s Belonging Co Conference.

At The Belonging Co, we believe in both the power and the importance of worshiping together through song corporately. Worship is a key part of who we are as a church and plays an integral role in everything we do as a body. The goal for our worship team every time we gather is to create a moment and space for people to encounter the life changing presence of God, find breakthrough and healing in His presence, and ultimately give Him the honor and praise that He alone deserves. That goal is a common thread through everything our team does on a week to week basis, whether it’s building out planning center rosters, writing songs, or leading worship in a service.

During the Worship Leadership Co. specific sessions we will spend time talking about our processes of leading our worship team to achieve that goal, and give you some key ways to achieve that in your church and team. We will also dive into more specific things like spontaneous worship, writing original songs for your church, building a culture of health and unity, and so much more.

At The Belonging Co, we believe in presence over presentation and encounter over entertainment. Yet we are deeply committed to excellence in every facet of what we do, believing that drive for excellence is itself a form of worship when postured the right way before God. So strive for the marriage of excellence and the pursuit of God’s presence in all that we do and create.

At the Leadership Co Creative sessions, we’ll share with you and your team our approach to communicating the life-changing message of Jesus, creating designs and videos that inspire the soul, and facilitating service environments that eliminate distractions so people can encounter and be changed by the presence of God. But most importantly, we’ll talk about the ways we’ve learned to fight to ensure that our pursuit of Jesus drives our creativity rather than simply being creative for the sake of creativity.

Are you wanting to see a move of God in your ministry? Do you know that there’s more, but you’re not quite sure how to get there? Are you wanting to see the next generation experience true breakthrough? Maybe you need some practical help, refreshment for your team, or simply a reminder to keep going. We’d love to invite you and your team to our Next Gen Leadership Co Track at our The Belonging Co Conference this year.



At The Belonging Co, we know the next generation has the power to change the world but they don’t have to wait to get started! You’ll hear it said a million times, we truly believe there is no Junior Holy Spirit and everything we do in TBCO Kids has that in mind. From intentional worship, to an offering moment and the message, we know that God wants to have real encounters with kids that mark them for life. …. And hey, we have a lot of fun along the way too!



We believe that through the power of God’s presence and intentional discipleship, teenagers can be the salt, light, and leaders that the world so desperately needs. At Youth Co. we are committed to seeing our students find identity, freedom, worth, and authority at an early age. We are passionate about cultivating a space where God moves, lasting friendships are formed, and students simply have the best time.



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