GRADES 7th-12th

Here at The Belonging Co, our dream and vision is not about growing numbers, but about creating disciples and having students constantly encounter the goodness and power of His presence. 

We want our students to understand how valued, loved, and known they are; that they don’t need to wait to step into their calling, but that they actually get to be a part of them now!  

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We meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM-8:30PM at Rocketown in the White Building.  

Instead of meeting the last Wednesday of every month, we will be meeting on the Friday evening of that week from 9PM-11PM. These nights are designed to create an environment where students can invite their friends, and people who play sports have a place to go after their games. There will be live music, food, worship, and a powerful presentation of the gospel.

Our meetings are focused on encountering Jesus, hearing His voice, and allowing room for the Holy Spirit to move. Most sessions we will break into small groups at the end (divided up by grades / gender) to build deeper community and process everything the Lord is doing together! 

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